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Marion County Youth Football League


 MCYFL 2020 Season Rules

A. Time, date, and place to be set by the board of MCYFL.
B. All registration will be under the supervision of MCYFL DIRECTORS.
C. All registration forms must be signed by the parent or guardian at
the official registration time and place and in the presence of a
board member. If anyone other than a parent or guardian is signing
a player, they must provide a notarized authorization from parent
or guardian giving permission for player to register. The parent or
guardian will still be required to sign the league registration form
before the player will be allowed to practice.
D. ALL FEES must be paid before a player is assigned to a team. No
partial payments will be allowed without board approval.
E. A birth certificate, report card and proof of residence (if not
showing on report card) must be presented at time of registration.
The address on the report card will be the address used for team
F. Player must be present at time of registration.
G. Any player that is too old to play and the league finds out will be
removed from that team. The team’s won/lost record will not be
affected. If the date is wrong on the registration form and was done
to mislead the league, the board will not give a refund. If the date
is correct and the league did not catch it a refund may be given.

A. The board of MCYFL will assign all players to their teams.
B. Players are assigned according to the pre-determined districts by
directors of MCYFL as follows:
 Peewee Division - By Elementary School
 Junior Division - By Address
 Senior Division - By Middle School
C. Team rosters are limited to 33 players.
D. Returning players will be assigned to the team they played for the
previous season, or to the team in their district. (Jr. returning
players moving to Sr. division will be assigned to a team according
to their SR team district.)
E. Coach and his sons/daughters may become members of the same
team even though it may be out of their district in which they live.
This option is not available to any other player. A player/coach
wishing to play/coach out of district must be a coach in the league
1 year prior.

A. All coaches must be approved and reviewed by the board of MCYFL.
B. Teams are allowed a maximum of five coaches on the sideline
during a game - a head coach and four assistant coaches. Teams are
allowed three water persons. Water persons must be of league
age. 1 Team Mom plus 1 Team Photographer is allowed also.
C. MCYFL plays under the National Federation of High School
Associations Official Football Rules and its own league
amendments. Coaches are responsible to know and enforce these
rules and regulations. Youth coaches cannot coach High School
Sports without League Approval.
D. Coaches are not allowed to register players or to accept any money
for registration without MCYFL League approval.
E. Coaches that are referees are not allowed to officiate any league
F. Mental or physical abuse of any player by a coach will not be
G. Any coach that removes his or her team from the playing field
during a game will be removed from the league.
H. All coaches are required to be certified by the USA FOOTBALL
before the start of the season.
I. All coaches & Team moms are required to have a background check
done before they are allowed to participate in practice. The 
league will pay the cost for 5 coaches and one team parent. The
cost of any additional coaches will be done at the coach’s cost.
J. Coaches must wear proper attire during game times, ID tags must be
worn & be visible at all times during your game.
K. Teams are only allowed to ask for no more than $75.00 for
participation team fee.

L. MCYFL reserves the right to appoint, dismiss, or reprimand any
coach or player at any time needed.


M. Derogatory or inappropriate comments posted on social media by persons representing MCYFL, such as a coach, team mom, etc. may be subject to league suspension or removal. 

A. Games will be (4) quarters
Peewee Division - 8 minute quarters
Jr. Division time - 9 minute quarters
Sr. Division time - 10 minute quarters
B. Game time - you must have your team ready 45 minutes ahead of
scheduled game times to take the field.
C. Games ending in a tie (regular season) will go into an overtime
game as follows:
1. Ball will be placed on the 10-yard line; each team will have 4
downs to score
2. If game is still tied after both teams have attempted to score,
the ball will be placed on the 5-yard line which both teams will
have 4 downs to score.
D. Conversion attempts kicked count as 2 points, and attempts ran
from scrimmage count as 1 point.

A. Playoff berths are based on the best win/loss records in the division
or conference. In event of a tie, a previous head-to-head match-up
will be used as a tiebreaker. If there is no head-to-head matchup, a
tie breaker will be played according to the Oklahoma shoot-outrules.
The Oklahoma shoot-out will also be used when there is a
three-way tie (especially in the Senior Division). The tie breaker
will only be played to determine playoff eligibility. This tie breaker
will be played on the last day of the regular season.
B. A coin toss will be used to determine a tie between placing of the 4
teams in the playoffs (especially the Senior Division).

All rules from the regular season apply except as follows:
A. Week 9 Pee Wee & Junior Division Playoffs will count as regular
season play. This means all teams will run 8 & 9 minute quarters
during their playoff games.
B. Week 10 (Final Playoffs) Senior Division will run 12 minute
Quarters; Junior Division will run 10 minute Quarters during
C. In the event of overtime, the Oklahoma shoot-out will begin on
the 25-yard line instead of regular season overtime rules.
D. After 2 overtimes, the teams must attempt a 2-point conversion
kick after a touchdown. No fake kick attempts are allowed. If
the kick attempt is muffed, such as a bad snap or bad hold, then
the conversion attempt will be blown dead.

These rules apply to red caps in all divisions:
A. Red caps can only play on the offensive or defensive line, and must
be in a 3 or 4-point stance. NO STANDING DEFENSIVE ENDS.
B. Red caps cannot play on kick-off or kick-off return teams. 
C. Red caps cannot advance the ball on fumble recoveries or
D. Red caps are allowed to kick field goals, extra points, and punt. If
the snap is muffed and the ball is still in play, it cannot be
advanced by the red cap.
E. On offense, a red cap may be used as a tight end in a 3 or 4-point
stance. He or she is not allowed to carry or catch a pass. If you use
a red cap as a tight end and throw or run the ball it will result in
loss of down, and the ball will be returned to the original line of
F. Any player that removes the red stripe from their helmet or
conceals it with another decal will be removed from that game and
will be suspended for the following game. If a player does this
twice, he or she will be removed from the league, and the head
coach will be suspended for one week including the following game.

A. Player may not play in this league if he or she participates in any
other organized tackle football league.
B. Players may not change teams within the league without board
C. Coaches may suspend players from practice or games for the
following reasons:
1. Disciplinary problems
2. Health or injury problems (must have Doctor release to return to
3. Failure to come to practice or games without an approved excuse
4. Failure to follow directions of a coach
5. Fighting before or after a game or during practice
6. Reinstatement of players that have quit or been suspended must
apply to the to the Board of MCYFL before they can return.
 D. Any player or coach that is ejected from a game is suspended for the
following week of practice and the next game; all ejections will be
reviewed by MCYFL Board of Directors.


New Rules

In addition, any player suspended for fighting will have a two week suspension, which includes not attending two weeks of practice and two games.


2.     Behavior issues relating to nonresponsive to coaches, referees, league officials could lead to a three week suspension, which includes not attending three weeks of practice and three games.

3.     Any player that is suspended or ejected, the player must turn in helmet and shoulder pads to league officials until allowed to return.

4.     Any players or coaches that are ejected during a game will be immediately escorted by a team coach out of the facility to leave Jervey Gantt Park for the remainder of the day.

E. Any player flagged for taunting will be reviewed by the League for disciplinary action.

In addition to all the rules listed in this guide, head coaches and their
coaching staff are subject to the following:
1. Each team will be assigned a time to work the concession stand. It is
the head coach’s responsibility to make sure there are 4 adults working
during their assigned time.
2. Each team will be issued 30 fundraiser (Sonny’s) tickets per player on
equipment day. It is the head coach’s responsibility to collect the money
and tickets from the players and return to the league on Jamboree day.
This fundraiser is the biggest income source for the league, and allows us
to have the best equipment and facilities for our players.
3. All league equipment must be returned to the league at the end of the
season. No equipment is allowed to be altered, such as changing
facemasks on a helmet. If any equipment needs to be altered or
exchanged, please see a league official.
Any coach found in violation of the rules in this guide will be subject
to disciplinary action by the league.

A. Official Weigh-in day will be on Equipment Day. Players will be
weighed for Division assignment and redcap designation. Players
will be weighed before they are issued equipment. Players must be
weighed and registered before they practice with a team. Any
player who practices with a team before being weighed may be
placed on the higher division team in his/her district.
B. No Coach or Team will be allowed to alter any MCYFL equipment at
any time without league approval. Removing league face mask is
prohibited. Install face shields is allowed as long as they are clear
and not smoke screened.
C. All equipment will be turned in the day that the season ends.
Players will not leave the MCYFL Field until all equipment is turned
in. This is the coach’s responsibility to turn in all MCYFL property.
D. A player will not be able to play if he/she did not return equipment
in prior to the year before. It is the Head Coaches responsibility to
turn in all equipment of players that have quit or have been injured
during the season.


- 8-year-old, No top weight, No red cap
- 9-year-old, Top weight 125 lbs., (91 lbs. to 125 lbs. red cap)
- 10-year-old, Top weight 105lbs, (91 lbs. to 105 lbs. red cap)
***ages based on September 1st date***

- 9-year-old, 126lbs to unlimited weight (165 lbs. & up red cap rule)
- 10-year-old, 106 to unlimited weight (165 lbs. & up red cap rule)
- 11-year-old, top weight 165lbs (125lbs to 165lbs red cap rule)
- 12-year-old, top weight 125lbs
- 13-year-old, top weight 110lbs
***ages based on September 1st date***
- 14-year-old, top weight 100lbs
*** age based on December 1st date***

- 10-year-old, 175lbs & Up
- 11-year-old, 165lbs & Up
- 12-year-old, 126lbs & Up
- 13-year-old, 111lbs & Up
- 14-year-old, 101lbs & Up
***ages based on September 1st date***

A. First week on practice is in shorts/helmets…. Last 2 days of the first
week’s players may wear shoulder pads/helmets/shorts.
B. Practice before Jamboree – teams are allowed 5 nights a week, 2
hour practices.
C. Regular Season Practice – teams are allowed 4 nights a week, 1 ½
hour practices (1 of the days during the week must be in
D. 2 hour & 1 ½ hour practices include all conditioning and practice
E. All regular season practices must end no later than 7:30pm.
F. All coaches are responsible for their practice areas.

Following the end of each game, one coach (rotation) from each team
needs to report to their playing field press box to help with press box
duties. Coaches work duties will run from start of the next game to the
end of the game and will rotate as follows. If duties are not needed at
that time, the coach then may leave.




A. Each head coach is required to find a team sponsor prior to the
beginning on the season. By picture day each coach needs to turn in
all art work to the league for signs to be place through-out the field
and year book distribution.
B. Week 6 is Pee Wee Division Sponsorship Day.
C. Week 7 is Junior Division Sponsorship Day.
D. Week 8 is Senior Division Sponsorship Day.
E. All head coaches are required to organize and present MCYFL
Sponsorship Plaque to their sponsor @ halftime during their game.
It will be the responsibility of that coach to inform sponsors of date
and time of event.

1. One head coach per team.
2. Four assistants per team.
3. Only one coach allowed to be on the field during the game. This
coach is considered part of the playing field and is subject to all
rules as a player and could be flagged according to judgment calls
by the official.
4. Coach is ejected from a game! (High School rules) will not be
allowed to be at practice and the game the following week.
5. If any coach that touches, pushes and uses foul language (etc.) to
any official that coach will be removed from the game and will not
return as a coach!

1. Teams must have a least (5) consecutive practice days in shorts and
2. Teams are allowed to practice first (5) days when the season starts.
3. After the first five-day teams must drop to (4) practices per week
(no weekends).
4. Teams may practice in full gear every night up to Jamboree Day (2
5.After Jamboree Day teams can stay (4) practices per week (three in
full gear and one practice in shorts and helmets 1.5 hours per

1. Each team is allowed (2) one before and on after Jamboree.
2. No scrimmage games after the season starts.


1. Each player has mandatory (6) plays during the game.
2. Field Goal do not count as plays.
3. Each player must play 3 plays per half.
4. 1 Coach will count players plays.

1. Red caps cannot play on kick off and kick return.
2. Red caps must be in a down position (three or four-point stances)
Line of Scrimmage.
3. Red cap is allowed to punt. If the snap is muffed the play is dead.
4. Red caps cannot advance the ball at all.

1. Mandatory play first infraction is meeting with the Pee-Wee
2. Second infraction possible to be suspended for one week from
practice and one game.
3. Third infraction possible removal as head coach.

1. Extra point one point (running and/or passing the ball).
2. Extra point – two (for kicking).
3. If you team is kicking the ball for two points, you must inform the
opposing coach of your intentions. No rushing the kicker. If long
snap is muffed, it is a dead ball.
4. Teams attempting a punt must inform the opposing team.
5. Defense cannot rush the punter.
6. If the ball rolls on the ground to the punter player, punter may pick
it up and punt.
7. If the ball goes over the punters head the play is dead. (Cannot pick
it up and advance the ball).
8. 8 minute quarters with three time outs per half.

1. If the game ends in a tie, a coin toss will determine which team has
choice of offense or defense. (With no delays).
2. First round of tie breaker ball placed on the ten-yard line and each
team has four downs to score.
3. If the first round ends in a tie, the ball will be placed on the 5-yard
line and continue until we have a winner.


Top four teams with a best win/loss record each division.
Division playoff schedule:
- Team #1 vs. Team #4 winner moves to next round division games.
- Team #2 vs. Team #3 winner moves to next round division games.
*If two teams with same record use head to head game to determine
the position the teams will be seeded.
*If both A and B cannot determine seeding, a coin toss by a player
from each team will determine the seeded positions.
*If three or more teams have the same record a coin toss will
determine which team has the first round by and will play the winner
of the first game with play by team to determine which team moves
on to the play off. Each round of play will be ¼. Each team has one
time out. If at the end of the quarter, the game is tied, tie breaker
rules are applied.



- The Jr. Division will be split into 2 separate conferences, Blue
and Gray (the League colors.)
- Each team will have an eight game schedule and will play all six
teams in their conference and two teams within area and rivalry.
If the League chooses to add teams the number of cross
conference games will change accordingly. We can
accommodate eighteen teams without expanding the length of
the season.
- The 9th week will be a conference playoff where 1 plays 4 and 2
plays 3 within their respective conference. Teams ranked lower
than 4 will play their respective counterparts in the other
conference (5 Gray vs. 5 Blue, 6 Gray vs. 6 Blue, and 7 Gray vs. 7
- The Conference rankings will base on:
1. Record within the conference
2. Record of Head to Head competition
3. Total Record
- A playoff will only be necessary if the top 4 places are unclear.
- Should the placement within the top 4 be unclear, playoff
seeding will be by lot.
- If a playoff becomes necessary, it shall be played as early as
scheduling permits on week 8.

1. If the game ends in a tie, a coin toss will determine which team has
choice of offense or defense. (With no delays).
2. First round of tie breaker ball placed on the ten-yard line and each
team has four downs to score.
3. If the first round ends in a tie, the ball will be placed on the 5-yard
line and continue until we have a winner.