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Marion County Youth Football League

Cheer Rules


·      Disrespect

o   Any attitude or disrespect from a player, cheerleader or parent toward any MCYFL coach, director, or game official will result in the child being dismissed from the league. Disrespect from parents will result in the parent being removed from MCYFL property, trespassed, and dismissal from the league.

·      Any child suspended from school will be dismissed from the league.

·      No Profanity

o   If a cheerleader or parent uses profanity at any time during an MCYFL function or while representing MCYFL, all offending parties will be dismissed from the league.

·      Social Media

o   Any profanity or bullying of any kind on social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, will result in immediate dismissal from the league. If a player or cheerleader is choosing to represent MCYFL on social media (posting photos in uniform, posting team name in bio, etc.), they must adhere to ALL MCYFL rules on social media.

·      No fighting, verbal or physical, at practice or on the field. This may result in immediate dismissal from the league.

·      Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

o   This includes spitting, name calling, tripping, hitting, hateful/hurtful cheers.

o   If it is reported that a team is being unsportsmanlike, *an investigation will be held by the board. The outcome of the investigation could result in disciplinary action as far as disqualification from competition/exhibition.

o   If unsportsmanlike conduct occurs between two or more teams, all involved parties will be called in for discussion. Senior teams will receive a 15-point deduction from their final score at competition.

·      A coach may bench a cheerleader for any period of the game as a result of poor behavior at practice, on social media, or any time the cheerleader is representing MCYFL in uniform.

o   If a cheerleader is benched, she must still be at the game with the rest of her team to warm up. She must sit on the bleachers with her coach or other girls who are also benched. She is not allowed to sit with friends or family.

o   If the benched cheerleader is not at the game, it will count as an absence and the penalty of being benched with apply to the next game.

·      Coaches will notify a cheerleading representative if a discipline problem has occurred.

·      If discipline problems are consistent, the cheerleader, parent, Head Coach and Board will discuss the problem and attempt to reach an understanding. If a cheerleader will not adhere to MCYFL rules, she will be dismissed from the League.

·      If a collective team has a consistent discipline problem or unsportsmanlike conduct, the team will be benched as a team during the next game and on probation for the rest of the season. This may result in elimination from competition or exhibition.

·      Please try to remember that you can destroy a person’s self-esteem and create terrible feelings by one nasty remark that you thought no one heard.


Dress Code

·      No jewelry at practice or at games. This includes necklaces, rings, bracelets (metal, plastic, and rubber), earrings anywhere on the ears, belly button rings and other body piercings. You are not allowed to tape over them or put a Band-Aid over them. If the piercing is new, it must still be removed for practices and games. MCYFL suggests that participants wait until the end of the season to have a new piercing done.

·      Hair must be pulled back and out of the face.

o   Bows must be worn on game day.

·      At practice, cheerleaders and cheer coaches will wear t-shirts or tank tops with straps that are at least two fingers in width. Tops must cover the stomach during normal practice activity, including motions in which the arms are above the head. No spaghetti string, tube tops, or halter-tops are allowed.

·      At practice, cheerleaders and cheer coaches will wear shorts or athletic pants of any type, excluding spandex shorts. Shorts may not be rolled to appear shorter and must not be revealing during normal practice activities, including stretching.

·      Cheerleaders and cheer coaches must wear tennis shoes to both practice and games. Tennis shoes must be athletic in nature, supportive and secure for practice and game activities, including jumping.

·      On game days, cheerleaders must be in FULL uniform in order to cheer on the field with the team. This includes shell, skirt, bow, bloomers, poms, white cheer shoes, and designated socks. If the cheerleader is not in full uniform, she will be benched.

·      On colder game days, teams may wear the long sleeve half top that comes with the uniform package or the team jacket they receive from the Sonny’s Ticket fundraiser.

o   If a cheerleader loses/grows out of the top, they are responsible to replace it with a turtleneck long sleeve of the same color as the rest of the team. The Head Coach will contact cheerleaders the Friday before if she is to wear the top with the uniform. If this is the case, all cheerleaders on the squad must wear the half tops under the uniform. The team must remain in uniform and look the same. Any cheerleader not wearing the half top with the team will be benched for the entirety of the game for being out of uniform.



·      Only six unexcused absences are allowed during the season. After six unexcused absences, a cheerleader may be removed from the team, competition, or exhibition (pending severity and coaches decision).

o   If a cheerleader does not participate with the team at practice or a game, it will be one point. After three points, she will receive one full absence.

o   Coming 15 minutes late or leaving 15 minutes early from practice or a game will count as one point. After three points, she will receive one full absence.

o   Missing a full game or practice without a doctor’s note will count as an absence.

o   Missing practice for a family engagement or an event/vacation that was planned prior to August will count as excused.

o   Open house or other school related events must be brought to the coach’s attention in advance to count as an excused absence.

§  MCYFL maintains a Student Athlete philosophy. School events, with proper documentation, take priority over practice.

o   Remaining circumstances will be up to the discretion of the Head Coach. Consequence for more than six unexcused absence will be up to the discretion of the Head Coach.

·      Parents must notify coaches in advance of all other planned activities that might interfere with practice or games. This may or may not excuse the cheerleader from practice or games. Penalties will still apply.

·      Coaches are required to keep an attendance record for their team throughout the season. If a cheerleader misses six practices, the Head Coach must bring proof to the board in before taking action.


Money and Fundraising

·      All fundraising must be reported to the Board for approval.

·      Head Coaches are required to keep a record of all fundraising monies. This record may be called upon at any point in the season and must be turned in at the conclusion of the year.

·      Teams may not have any fundraisers using the MCYFL name prior to the start of the season or after the conclusion of the season to fund banquets or in preparation for the next season.

·      Teams may collect up to $50.00 from each member of their team for expenses during the season.

o    If coaches choose to collect a team fee, the fee must be collected in one lump sum at the beginning of the season and may not be broken down into smaller increments throughout the season (i.e. $10 one week for pink bow, $5 the next for glitter, etc.).

·      Companies may donate or sponsor your team once you have already secured and turned in a check for your teams league sponsor.

o   The two are not the same. League sponsors are required. The team does not receive the money; it goes to back to the league.

o   You may not have an individual team sponsor until you have secured and paid for the league’s team sponsor.

o   Any money donated by an individual sponsor must be recorded by the Head Coach, as well as a breakdown of what the money is funding.

·      All accounts and money taken in during the season must be spent.

o   Teams cannot save money from the current season for the next season.

·      All turn in dates are given at the start of the season. These are not flexible.

o   If money is not turned in on time, your team will be benched until the money has been turned in.

o   If monies are repeatedly turned in late, the Board has the right to not allow the Head Coach back for the following season.

·      Any checks returned for NSF will be turned over the States Attorney’s Office immediately.

·      No money may be paid to any individuals or organizations for choreography of cheers or dances.

o   Teams may pay for music. This must be recorded in the fundraising log.

·      Buttons and Magnets

o   During the season, each Head Coach will receive buttons and magnets for each individual cheerleader on their team.

o   If a team sold out all of their Sonny’s tickets, they may keep the buttons and magnets at no charge.

o   If a team did not sell out, the buttons and magnets must be purchased.

§  All money and unsold buttons and magnets must be returned to the League prior to the start of the game on the day in which they are due.

§  If a team does not turn in money or remaining magnets and buttons, they will not take the field and be disqualified from competition or exhibition.

§  Any outstanding balance will be taken up with the Head Coach.

·      MCYFL BBQ Ticket Fundraiser (Sonny’s)

o   Money must be turned in by money order to the League. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted by the League, but will be accepted by the Coach.

o   It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to get cheerleaders to sell all 30 tickets.

o   Each cheerleader that sells 30 tickets will receive a league jacket. If the entire team sells out, the team will be allowed to customize the colors and details of the jacket, per the leagues approval.

o   If a team does not sell out, they may not go out and purchase their own team jackets. If a coach or parent is found purchasing jackets for girls that did not sell out, they will be dismissed from the league and trespassed from MCYFL.

o   It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to keep a record of how many tickets are handed out, how many tickets/how much money is returned by each cheerleader, and which team members sell out.

o   All girls that sell out must be present on the day of jacket sizing. There is no make up day.

o   Any tickets or monies not turned in the day they are due will become the Head Coach’s financial responsibility.

o   Any cheerleader that does not return tickets/monies will be benched from games until they are turned in.


General Practice Rules

·      No drugs or smoking are allowed at any MCYFL function.

·      The coaching staff will decide practice days and times.

o   These days should be convenient for all coaches, but mostly the head coach.

o   Practice days and times must be consistent throughout the season.

·      No practice will be held before the official start of the MCYFL cheerleading season.

o   Our cheerleading season does not run the same at the football teams. Please refer to the current year’s season schedule.

·      Certified adult supervision is required at all practices. Cheer coaches are not allowed to run a practice without the Head Coach or an assistant coach.

·      No gum during practice time.

·      Cheerleaders and cheer coaches must adhere to the dress code as defined by MCYFL.

·      Practices are to be held in a location designated by the Head Coach.

o   Practice must be held on county or city property.

o   Location and times are to be submitted in writing to the Board prior to starting practice.

o   The Board has the right to request a practice be moved to a different location.

o   Location changes must be submitted in writing to a cheerleading representative and receive approval prior to the location change.

o   Practices are not to be held at private residences.

·      No practices are to be held on weekends.

·      Junior and Senior squads may practice up to four days a week and up to 1 ½ hours per practice.

·      Pee Wee squads may practice up to three days per week and up to 1 ½ hours per practice.

·      Practices may not go later than 8pm.

·      Teams may not practice next to each other and practices may not be combined with other teams.

o   For example, a pee wee team cannot practice with a senior team, etc.

o   If two teams are practicing at the same location, they should practice at a distance and face in opposite directions of each other or out of sight of one another to maintain team order and free the team from possible distractions.

o   If you can hear another team and their coaches at standard coaching level (not yelling or at game day level) from your practice location, you may be too close.

·      Private dance or cheer lessons will not be allowed for regular season or in preparation for competition or exhibition.

·      If lightening is within sight or sound, practice is to be immediately stopped.

o   Parents are encouraged to help monitor weather situations.

o   Coaches will respect a parents right to remove their child from potential danger.

·      If practice is cancelled due to rain, the Head Coach may choose another day of the week to make up for the practice.

o   You may not save time or accumulate time from other practices (i.e. cut Tuesday’s practice 15 minutes early and run Thursday’s practice 15 minutes later).

·      Coaches may choose to practice on holidays.

o   If the team practices on school property, they may not practice on days that schools are closed for holidays.

o   If a cheerleader is not present for practice on Halloween, she will be counted as absent.

o   Cheerleaders will not be counted as absent for missing practice on Religious holidays. It is the parents’ responsibility to let the Head Coach know when a cheerleader will be absent due to a Religious holiday.

·      During practice, cheer coaches are expected to teach the cheerleaders cheers, chants, dances, motions, jumps, etc..

o   Ensure that all cheers and dances adhere to MCYFL rules and are appropriate for the age division.

o   Ensure cheerleaders are taught the basics of cheerleading before moving on to more advanced material.

·      During practice, any conditioning must be achievable and practical for the age group.

o   Set expectations based on ability. Strive for progress, not perfection.

·      If a cheerleader is injured or falls ill, remove her from the practice area and follow MCYFL procedures.

o   Continue practice for the rest of the team.

o   Call the injured or ill cheerleader’s parent out guardian immediately.

o   Fill out the appropriate accident injury form.





Game Day Rules

Before the Game

·      No gum is allowed on the field or during designated warm up time.

·      Structured warm ups and stretching are to be held before the game.

o   Teams are required to arrive at least one hour prior to scheduled game time.

§  Coaches may request the team arrive earlier.



·      Cheer coaches must be in cooperation with the MCYFL dress code.

·      Cheerleaders are to be in full uniform when they arrive at the field at the time designated by the coaches.

o   See Dress Code for a full breakdown of “full uniform.”


Snacks and Water

·      Coaches are responsible for creating a schedule for parents to take turns bringing refreshments for the girls to each game.

o   Parents are responsible for ensuring that the snack and drinks are brought in a timely fashion to the game.

o   Parents should discuss concerns with their specific water/snack day with the Head Coach as soon as possible.

·      No eating on the field or during designated warm up time.

o   It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the cheerleader eats well before the game.

o   Parents and coaches are not allowed to give cheerleaders food during the game or while on the field. 

o   Cheerleaders may have a team snack during halftime at the Head Coach’s discretion. Snacks, if brought, must be provided for the entire team.

·      Water and Sports drinks (Gatorade, PowerAde) the only drinks allowed on the field during game time.

o   Only team coolers that have drinks and snacks for the entire team are allowed in the MCYFL gate.

·      Water must be accessible throughout the entirety of the game.     

o   It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to call water breaks when necessary. They may not refuse water to cheerleaders asking for it.

On the Field

·      Cheerleaders are the stay in the designated area in the 30yd-40yd box marked on the field on the opposite side of the water jug.

o   Cheerleaders should respect the area designated for the football team and vise versa.

o   If a team is having issues with the football team disrespecting the cheerleaders designated area, it is the Head Coach’s responsibility to address it in a polite manner with the football coach. If the problem persists, the Head Coach should contact their cheer representative.

·      Coaches must stand on the opposite side of the fence of the cheerleaders during the game.

·      Cheerleaders may do dances during the game on the field.

o   Dances may be performed on the sidelines as long as it does not interfere with the players or football coaches.

o   Your cheerleading representative must approve all music before being used.

o   Dances and music should be age appropriate.

·      During the game, cheerleaders are allowed to go on the other side of the fence to encourage crowd involvement.

o   Cheerleaders may not stand or stomp in the bleachers.

o   Cheerleaders may not stand on the players’ bench.

o   Only 5 cheerleaders are allowed on the other side of the fence at a time. The rest of the team must remain in the designated area.

·      All cheerleaders should be on the field at all times during the game unless benched or ill.

o   Cheerleaders should use the restroom prior to the game or during halftime. If it is an emergency, a cheer coach should escort the cheerleader(s).

o   Cheerleaders may not be walking around or at the concession during the game.

·      No cell phones during the game.

o   Cheerleaders may not have cell phones on the field. Cell phones should be put away in a bag or with a parent/guardian.

o   Cheer coaches should not be using their cell phones during the game or designated warm up time with the girls.

o   Head Coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to give their full attention to their team during the designated time. Taking photos with cell phones is OK.

·      No pom poms or bags are to be carried across the field during the final handshake.



·      The team on the visitor side will go first.

o   The team on the home side will sit/squat at the 50-yard line and cheer the other team on.

o   Once the visiting team has finished their cheer to the home side, they will return to their side of the field and sit/squat at the 50-yard line on their sideline.

o   The home team will do their cheer toward the visiting team.

o   Once the home team has concluded their cheer, both teams can do their cheer to their fans. This will be done at the same time.

·      Dances may be performed at halftime as long as it does not cut too much of the teams halftime break. Dances must be done after all cheers by both teams have been performed in order to respect the other teams halftime break.

o   Your cheerleading representative must approve all music being used.

o   Dances and music should be age appropriate.


General Game Day Rules

·      No drugs or smoking is allowed at any MCYFL function.

·      All squads are encouraged to have banners and signs.

o   The team is responsible for cleaning up their mess after the game. This includes pieces of the banner.

o   Do not leave signs or banners on the field after your game or use them to cover business signs on the fences.

·      All squads must clean up after themselves.

o   Do not leave water bottles or wrappers on the field after the game.

o   Have all items removed from the fence prior to your team crossing the field. Respect the team that is coming on after you.

·      Rain will not stop a team from cheering.

o   The referee is the only official allowed to call the game for weather.

o   Until the game is called, all cheerleaders and coaches are required to remain on the field and remain cheering.

o   Coaches are to respect a parents’ decision to remove a cheerleader from the field for weather.

o   If all of the parents’ removed their children from the field, the coaches must remain in place to represent the squad until the referee calls the game.

·      Every 7 years, Halloween falls on a game day.

o   Games will be played as usual.

o   Nothing may be used to change the appearance of the cheerleaders (i.e. face paint, headbands, hats, etc.).

o   Cheerleaders must be in full uniform for the entirety of the game. 

·      If your football team is in the playoffs or championship games, the cheerleading squad is required to cheer during the game.

o   Any team not showing up to cheer will be disqualified from competition.

o   If your football team wins the championship game, cheerleaders will ride on the float for the Christmas parade with the football team and will be required to help build the float.


Concession and Ticket Booth Duty

·      Concession stand duty is for both football and cheerleading parents.

o   Cheerleading parents will have priority over the ticket booth.

o   If there are not enough parents in the concession stand, cheerleading parents may be borrowed from the ticket booth and vice versa.

·      Children under 18 are not allowed to handle money or food.

o   They may help put on wristbands to those who pay to enter MCYFL.

·      Wristbands at the ticket booth are to be placed on each paying patron.

o   If someone is not there to retrieve his or her wristband, it must remain inside on the ticket booth with the name of the owner.

·      Coaches should schedule at least four workers at a time for each portion of their shift.

o   Two 18+ inside taking money, two outside putting on wristbands.

o   If a parent cannot work his or her time, it is the responsibility of the parent to find someone to switch with. Parents should notify the coach of who they are switching with.

·      The Head Coach or assistant coaches must remain in the ticket booth at all times to ensure the parents show up/cover any no shows.

o   The Head Coach should contact their cheerleading representative regarding any issues surrounding their time prior to the week of their shift.

·      If an entire team is absent for their designated time, corrective action will be taken by the Board of Directors, included but not limited to:

o   Revoked coaching rights for the following season

o   Disqualification from competition or exhibition.

·      Ticket booth and concession stand times are subject to change at any time.

o   Notification will be immediately sent out regarding any changes.


All Coaches Rules

·      Teams are allowed one Head Coach and any combination of four additional coaches (Five Total).

o   Head Coaches must be 21 or older and must first fill out an application and be approved by the Board.

o   Head Coaches may only coach one team.

§  For example, they may not serve as a Head Coach for team A and assistant coach for team B, even if the teams are in different age divisions.

o   Assistant coaches must be over 18 and reliable.

o   Cheer coaches must be on a high school cheerleading squad or be cheering at a high school level.

§  Head cheer coach must be 16 years or older and are required for senior squads.

§  Assistant cheer coaches must be 14 years or older. They may assist on senior and junior squads or be responsible for pee wee squads.

o   All coaches must sign and turn in coaching agreements prior to the beginning of the season.

o   All coaches must have a completed background check done through MCYFL before the start of the season.

§  Background checks are offered multiple times throughout the beginning of the year. Coaches should make it a priority to attend one of the prescheduled times.

§  Coaches who do not receive a background check will not be allowed to participate with the team and will not receive a coach’s badge.

o   The Head Coach has the right to fire any assistant and cheer coaches from her staff at any time.

§  This decision must first be brought up with their cheerleading representative before any action is taken.

§  Should a team need a replacement coach, the new coach must have a background check prior to coming to practice. 

·      Coaches are responsible for being positive role models.

·      Coaches who are parents of girls on the team should not let the two roles mix.

o   Favoritism toward any cheerleaders from any coaches will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the league.

·      Head Coach should ensure every cheerleader receives a copy of the MCYFL rules.

o   Head Coach should go over the rules with both parents and cheerleaders prior to starting the first practice.

·      Any handouts that parents receive should also be made available to the Board.

o   Coaches should keep a well-organized binder with copies of all handouts, rules, paperwork, etc., as the Board has the right to request copies at any time.

·      Coaches should ensure both practices and games are a safe environment for cheerleaders.

·      If any issues arise with assistant coaches or cheer coaches, the responsibility will fall back on the Head Coach.

o   This includes discipline, behavior, financial, etc..

·      Coaches should bring any conflict to the Boards attention immediately.

o   This includes conflict with parents, cheerleaders, other coaches, and any other issues that could affect the productivity and morale of the team.

o   All issues must be documented to the Board in writing.

o   Extreme corrective behavior, such as removing a cheerleader, parent, or coach from the team, must first be discussed with the Board. Proper documentation of the issue(s) is required before any corrective action can be taken.

·      If a Head Coach is unable to make it to a game or practice, an assistant coach must be present.

o   Cheer coaches and other parents are not allowed to serve as a replacement for the Head Coach at any MCYFL function.

o   If the Head Coach does not have anyone to cover the practice, they are to cancel practice for that day.

o   If the Head Coach does not have anyone to cover a game, they should contact their cheer representative.

·      The Head Coach or an assistant coach is responsible for turning in any monies or paper work to the Board on the day that they are due.

o   Please see Money and Fundraising Rules for expectations when turning in items.

·      The entire coaching staff will conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner during all MCYFL functions. This includes games that are not their own.

o   Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in dismissal from the league.

·      Head Coaches are required to attend all meetings both planned and called.

o   The all coaches meeting in June is mandatory. Failure to have representation for your team may result in disciplinary action.


Cheer Coach Rules

·      All cheer coaches are required to follow all cheer rules for MCYFL.

·      Adult Head Coach and cheer coaches should meet prior to the first practice to prepare what will be worked on at practices.

·      All cheer coaches should attend and be on time to all games and practices.

o   Scheduling conflicts should be discussed with the Head Coach ahead of time (i.e. cannot come on Thursday because they must cheer at their own game).

·      Cheer coaches should set time aside to discuss concerns or opportunities for improvement with the Head Coach.

o   Coaches should not be stepping away from the team at any time to have constructive conversations.

·      The Head Coach must approve daily plans, cheers, dances, etc., prior to teaching.

·      Cheer coaches are not allowed to distribute disciplinary action.

o   This includes disciplinary conditioning, yelling at the girls, intentionally embarrassing members of the team, etc..

o   The cheer coaches may relay information to the Head Coach. The Head Coach may then decide what actions should be taken.

·      Cheer coaches must adhere to MCYFL dress code.

o   Please refer to Dress Code Rules for a complete breakdown.

·      Cheer coaches are to directly engage with the team during practices, warm ups, and games.

o   This includes no eating, chatting with others along the fence during games, inviting friends who are not approved by MCYFL to watch practice, cell phone use, and talking to the other coaches about things that are not directly related to the team.

·      Cheer coaches are not to discuss any problems in front of the girls.

o   All problems should be taken up with the Head Coach outside of practice time or away from the team during designated breaks.

·      Any cheer coach in violation of the rules will be dismissed from MCYFL.  



Competition Rules

The Board of Directors has the right to transition Senior Level Competition to an exhibition at any time during the season as a result of violations of any MCYFL rules by multiple parties.


General Competition Rules

·      All teams will participate in their designated exhibition or competition unless eliminated.

·      Practice for competition and exhibition may begin the first week of practice following jamboree.

o   Any senior squad in violation will be eliminated from competition.

·      No team will practice out of district or change practice location before competition.

o   Extenuating circumstances may be brought to the Board and are approved on a case-by-case basis.

·      MCYFL has a designated week in November to allow teams to practice on the lined field.

o   Teams are to sign up for their time slot ahead of time. The designated cheer representative will notify coaches when the sign up is open.

o   Teams must be ready to go at the start of their selected time slot.

§  If you’re behind, this takes away from other teams.

o   Teams are to leave the field once their time slot is over.

§  Please have music and all props/signs ready to go. Use this time wisely.

o   This is not the time to continue teaching your routine. Please respect the other teams’ time.

·      Teams who practice at a location with a lined field must first get permission to practice on the lined field.

o   Any senior teams in violation will be eliminated from competition.

·      Teams may not pay or take private lessons from private dance instructors or choreographers.

o   Cheer coaches are responsible for the content of the competition, including the music.

§  A cheer representative must approve the team’s music prior to the week of competition.

§  Teams may pay for the creation of their music.

·      Coaches may not ask for additional funds during the season to cover the cost of music.

·      The Head Coach must document any payments.

·      If teams are using cans of glitter, they may not be sprayed in the bleachers.

§  All cans must be picked up and disposed of. Do not leave trash on the field.

§  Any team leaving any trash on the field will be penalized.

·      Teams may create banners and signs to support the girls, but may not place them on the fence along the 50-yard line or over an existing business sign. Signs must be on the opposite side of the press box, facing the crowd.

o   All signs must be taken down after competition. Any signs left after competition will result in that teams’ elimination from the following competition.

·      Silly string, shaving cream, balloons, confetti or party poppers are allowed on the field or in the stands.

o   Any team in violation will be eliminated from the following competition.

·      The cheer director and the league president are the only two people allowed in the press box with the judges.

o   The teams designated music person will only be allowed in long enough to play the music for the team.

·      Cheerleaders are not allowed to have any concession food during the exhibition or competition.

o   This includes before and after your team has performed.

o   It is recommended you bring snacks for your team.

·      Cheerleaders are not allowed to leave the roped off area at any time during the competition or intermission.

o   Any cheerleader on the other side of the rope will result in that team’s disqualification.

·      Limos and party busses are not allowed to transport girls.

·      Teams must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

·      Teams must wear their uniform.

o   New bows and new poms may be used granted the money used was collect at the beginning of the season or the items were donated.

·      Any team in violation of MCYFL rule during any point in the season is subject to discipline by the Board, including and not limited to a 15-point deduction per judge and elimination from competition.



·      If teams’ music messes up during competition or exhibition, the team will not be allowed to start over.

o   Ensure that all music is on a CD and has been tested in the press box on Field A prior to competition day.



·      Teams will receive tickets to sell at a presale rate prior to competition.

o   Cheerleaders who sell all of their tickets will receive an incentive.

o   All monies and unsold tickets must be turned in prior to competition day.

§  Any teams with any outstanding balances throughout the season will not be allowed to participate in competition or exhibition.


Playoff Games

·      Teams who are in the football playoffs are required to cheer the day of competition.

o   No exceptions.

o   Any team who does not show for their game will not be allowed to perform or compete.

o   All teams will cheer the entirety of their game unless told otherwise by their cheer representative.

o   Teams will not perform a halftime routine.

§  Teams are not to use this time for additional practice.

§  Any senior team caught doing so will have 25 points per judge deducted from their total score.


Senior Division Only

·      The first place senior team at competition will be required to create a float for the Christmas parade.

o   The league pays the entry fee.

o   The float should be representative of the team, the parade’s theme, and MCYFL as a whole.

o   Props and decorations should be in good taste. This includes any music and chants performed while on the float.

o   Any team caught violating any MCYFL rule during the parade will be eliminated from competition for the following year.








Pee Wee and Junior Exhibition Rules


Time:                         2 ½ minutes

Clock starts with first word of cheer, chant, or dance.

The clock does not start with sprit across the field.

Requirements:       1 Cheer, 1 Chant, and 1 Dance, in any order.

                                    Signs NO larger than 3ft X 3ft may be used.

                                    Pom Poms may be used.

Props may be used. (example: hats, gloves, etc.) NO large items

                                    NO GYMNASTICS, NO PYRAMIDS, NO SPLITS,         

                                    AND NO STUNTING

You may do a forward roll from a bent knee

position only!

Music:                       Each team is to have a designated “music person” other than the Coach waiting by the press box to play music. Please make sure that your music person knows where to start and stop music.

Encourage your team and parents to cheer for all the squads. Remind everyone, how hard all of these girls have worked!


















Senior Competition Rules


TIME:                         2 ½ MINUTES

                                    Clock starts with first word of cheer, chant or dance.

                                    The clock does not start with sprit across the field.


Requirements:       1 Cheer, 1 Chant, and 1 Dance, in any order.

                                    Signs NO larger than 3ft X 3ft may be used.

                                    Pom Poms are the ONLY props for Seniors.

                                    NO GYMNASTICS, NO PYRAMIDS, NO SPLITS,


You may do a forward roll from a bent knee position only.


Judging:                   Team Work              Voice Projection                  Continuity

Appearance             Crowd Appeal                      Dance


                                    Judges will be from a University, Community College,

                                    High school, Cheerleading Organization. There will be

                                    four or five judges.


Points:                      Categories have different values ranging from 5 to 15


                                    You will have 5 points taken off for the following.

                                    Gymnastics                           5 points per judge

                                    Pyramids                               5 points per judge

                                    Overtime                              5 points per judge

                                    Illegal Size Props                 5 points per judge


Tiebreaker:              Each team will be required to do one cheer.


Winners:                  First, Second, and Third place will be awarded ONLY.


Senior teams may request a template of the judges score sheets before competition. They may also request to see their scores the weekend following competition.


Uniform Rules

·      Uniforms are $200.

o   This includes shell, skirt, bloomers, bow, shoes, long sleeve half top and pom poms.

o   Coaches may select bows, poms and bloomers that fit in the $200 budget.

§  i.e. if your uniform is $150, you must ensure that your poms, bow and bloomers to do not exceed $50. Cheer representatives will be present at sizing to ensure budgets are respected.

·      New uniforms may only be ordered with the Board of Directors’ approval.

·      During sizing, coaches and parents should ensure dress code is met.

o   Skirts are sized at the belly button.

o   Skirts are fingertip length.

o   Tops do not reveal the midriff when the arms are raised above the head.

·      Alterations may need to be done once the uniform has arrived or throughout the season.

o   You may not change the appearance of the uniform.

o   All alterations must be justified and approved by a cheer representative.

·      Pee Wee Uniforms must meet the following criteria:

o   “V” Neck top with a Straight bottom

o   Teams name must be spelled out.

o   Knife pleat or 8 Panel pleat skirts only.

·      Junior uniforms must meet the following criteria:

o   “V” Neck top with a Straight Bottom

o   Team name must be spelled out

o   Knife Please or 3 Pleat skirt only.

·      Senior Uniforms must meet the following criteria:

o   Sweetheart Neck with a Straight bottom

o   Team name must be spelled out

o   3 Pleat or “A” Line skirt only





·      The MCYFL Board of Directors will set time, date and place.

·      All registrations will be under the direct supervision of MCYFL Directors. 

·      The parent or guardian of the participant must sign all registration forms at the official registration time and place and in the presence of a board member.

·      All fees must be paid in full before a cheerleader will be assigned to a team.

o   Any NSF checks will go directly to the State Attorney’s Office.

o   Check signer must show Driver’s License.

o   Refunds are only given prior to the first practice.


Assignment of Cheerleaders

·      The Board will assign all cheerleaders to their teams.

·      Cheerleaders are assigned according to the districts pre-determined by the MCYFL Board of Directors.

·      Divisions are done by grade level:

o   Pee Wee- 3rd and 4th graders

o   Junior- 5th and 6th graders

o   Senior- 7th and 8th graders

§  Seniors may not be more than 15 years of age prior to September 1st.

·      Return registration will be held for all returning girls and sisters of cheerleaders or football players of the previous season.

o   Juniors and Seniors who cheered on a team outside of her designated district will be given the option to move to her designated district. This will be a final decision.

·      Cheerleaders moving up will be placed as follows:

o   Seniors moving up will be placed on a squad according to address.

§  Only exceptions are change of address and overflow from a full team.

o   Juniors moving up will be assigned a team based on their elementary or middle school.

·      Open registration will occur after returning registration.

o   Teams are based on a lottery drawing.

o   Girls must draw a number.

o   1-X will receive a spot on the team.

§  The X indicates how many open spots are on that team.

o   If a girl does not get on her priority team, she is assigned the next team in her area.

·      Team numbers are as follows:

o   Pee Wee- 10 cheerleaders per team

o   Junior- 16 Cheerleaders per team

o   Senior- 18 Cheerleaders per team

§  This number may adjust to accommodate the returning Senior and Junior cheerleaders moving up to a senior squad.