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Marion County Youth Football League

Cheerleading Coach Interest

Interested in coaching cheerleading with MCYFL?

If you're interested in being a Head Coach for the 2024 Season, apply here!

If you're interested in coaching but not sure what division, team or coaching position would be best for you, submit your interest here! A cheer rep will reach out to you.

Coaching Requirements: 

  • Head Coaches must be 21 or older and must first fill out an application and be approved by the Board. Head Coaches may only coach one team.  
  • Assistant coaches must be over 18 and reliable.
  • Cheer coaches for junior and senior squads must be on a high school cheerleading squad or be cheering at a high school level. Cheer coaches for pee wee squads must have recent cheer experience. 
    • Head cheer coach must be 16 years or older and are required for senior squads.
    • Assistant cheer coaches must be 14 years or older. They may assist on senior and junior squads or be solely responsible for pee wee squads.