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Marion County Youth Football League


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Click here for MCPS Portal

Click here for MCPS Portal

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Upcoming Events

Mar 11,2023

Football Sign-ups (Open 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm)  Registration for all football players.  [+]

Mar 04,2023

Football Sign-ups (Return 9am-12pm and Open 1pm-3pm)  Registration for all players who are returning for the 2023 season.  [+]

Feb 25,2023

Open Cheer Sign-ups (8am-11am)  Sign up day for all new cheerleaders  [+]

Feb 18,2023

Returning Cheer Sign-ups (Click for Times)  Team times are as follows:  [+]

About Us

Marion County Youth Football League has been a part of the local community since 1970.  We are going on 3 Generations of having an impact on the development of men and women in this community. We believe in providing a safe and positive environment where kids can learn to play the great game of football. Football ...